Friday, 9 December 2011

Life is what happens whilst we are busy making other plans........

How true is that ? The last few weeks have been up and down , roundabout and inside out, and now , it's almost Christmas ! It does not promise to be the most perfect this year, but the advent of the New Year gives me reason to expect a hell of a lot better in 2012. Yikes, 2012 - where did 2011 go ?
My daughter has been in a very rough spot recently, but she and her DH are working things out and they seem to be happier than I've seen in a long time. Gee, the pressures of life on young families these days !!!!!! I think my generation was luckier in that a lot less was expected - we started off renting ( with redone, castoff furniture from family ) and saved for new stuff, holidays and houses. Today, these young ones start with 4 bed, 2 bath plus new homes, new furniture and all the latest electronic gadgetry, new cars often, and crippling debt. If there is a slight hiccup, or GFC, the wheels come off. Guess the only thing to help is to be there, so here I be !!!
I also lost my favourite and last Aunt, at 95. My Mother ( 88 ) was with her at the end. She was a woman of great humour, a prodigious memory, and with the best stories of a life well lived. Our families were really close because she and my Mum are sisters, and my Dad and her husband, brothers. They had 4 children 17 months apart, then 17 months later, my brother began the trend. We ended with 7 cousins, each 17 months apart, then 2 more much later in my family. Being doubly related meant for very large family gatherings and riotus laughter - we shall miss that !
On the plus side, I entered a guild show for the first time ever and won 1st prize. This was a great thrill and quite unbelievable ! I was making a hexagon medallion quilt in reproductions to enter, and another In Kaffe Fassett ( mostly) and was able to finish both. The Kaffe won!!!

That photo doesn't look too good, but I promise it does hang straight and square !!!!!! I won fabric, wool batting and vouchers, so it was an absolute thrill.

Here I am with my repro medallion. It did not win an award but I love it ! This one took me 3 months and two weeks to make, the piecing by the English paper piecing method and the quilting by machine. The borders were solid feathers, and it looks fantastic !

Here is my DD, her DH and their son, my GS, on Christmas morning, 2010 - this year, Alex has asked for a brother for Christmas. Sadly, he will be disappointed !

Just saw this favourite shot of my little man at about 18 months and had to share. Isn't that a great shot ?
I have been doing a few customer quilts lately and if I can find the dl cord for my camera, I shall be able to post them. I am becoming very happy with my quilting - now I need a longer arm machine, and a lotto win !
For now, goodnight to all