Sunday, 15 April 2012

Found that pesky file

Hereis an OLD embroidered quilt with fascinating lion fish

This was sewn about 10 years ago and I still drag it out for a class here and there ! While on the embroidered theme, here is one for my GS at 3 years old, when he adored dinosaurs

and another from his 7th bday - no scary stuff now!

Now that he is 8+, he would like a surfie quilt. I have fabric with VW's all over and no clue as to what to make !!!
The following 2 shots were on the same stick - just love the fact that he sometimes likes to help , and even cleans up the extra mess. You have to know that he needed dry pj's after this !Here's the proof !

Of course, this was a year ago, and my little one has grown past these activities!!!

I have had a very productive couple of days this past week and shall post the pics later in the week.
Meanwhile, stay happy

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Time for a break -

Truly, I have been so busy for the past months that I have not even taken the time to check other blogs, let alone add to mine!  I began this as a sort of diary to keep track of my doings, but there are so many of these that I dropped the ball - now, I can't remember what I have done beyond the past week !  I have done quite a lot of quilting on my domestic machine and made quite a few samples for my friend , Kims shop and have kept up ( almost ) with the lovely red and white quilt put together by Just Takes Two.
My apologies, ladies, I need to learn how to grab your button and place it where I want it to go - any button I have tried lands right over text or photos and will not be moved !!!
I have become involved with a number of projects which I am enjoying thoroughly. My friend, Tracy Sims of 

asked me to help with machine embroidered projects using designs from artwork by Tracey , digitised by Zundt
These are stunning designs, 3 sets so far with a book of projects for each.  I did a bit of the quilting in the first book, and my first projects will appear in number 3.

This is half of the centre of the tablecloth, sewn on a very fine linen and very elegant. There are matching napkins to complete the set. Tomorrow is my day to embroider 3 cushions and get creative - YIKES

Its" been a long while since I have done any embroidery of note so this will be a lot of fun. Here is one of my old favourites from long ago featuring the elegant but deadly Lion fish. Hmm, lousy shot  and I can't seem to locate the original file. Shall try tomorrow -----

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Kangaroos thru the outback

As promised, here is my finished jelly roll surprise - I think that each top suggests an applique to set it apart. 2 of the other ladies have done the applique and as soon as they have quilted, I shall show the before/after pics.

The 3 big roos in the foreground have been stuffed to provide dimension - I was really pleased with the final result and will definitely hunt up some more rolls. Tried to do some quilting on my midarm quilting frame at Kimz today but I have lost my mojo - tooo much quilting on the domestic and not enough practice on the biggie. Tomorrow is another day, however, so hopefully my mood ( and expertise ) will improve overnight !  

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

A second try

We have been inundated with lots of rain in the past weeks and some murderously hot days in between. The almost 100% humidity is the worst, but look at these shots from outside last week.

Cars parked at the front had to be moved quickly as the level rose - rather exciting !

This was Kims present and a class scheduled for February. Isn't he the cutest !!!!


Dang, back to the middle again ! This was a customers Sunbonnet Sue . I really need to take before and after shots to remind myself  how beautifully quilting finishes a quilt.


Had agreat day at Kimz recently where about 10 women did the jelly roll race - no racing, and we mostly completed the tops in under 3 hours. Just have to pop over to Kimz blog to grab the photos of my top - the above was my bali pop in Cappuccino  

Here  is the top - tomorrow, I shall post the finished quilt. I added lots of kangaroos and quilting and was very pleased with the result. Of, course, I forgot the photo !

Stay safe, one and all!

A belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all in blogland and beyond......

This is meant for the tail end of 2012 which means I am probably the first in the WHOLE WORLD  !!!!!!! (Or, it's a really late greeting from 2011 ). I have been rather busy with some things I did not want to do, but they are now behind us and it's time to play- yay !

Christmas was all about family and, as usual, most enjoyable. Everyone was thoroughly spoilt, my fave gift being a E-reader. I can't believe how easy it is to rack up a huge bill in just a few books, well, 48, so far. I love to read novels, but could not bear it if our quilting mags ever became totally digital. There is nothing like leafing through a stack of magazines and being inspired all over again !

I did manage to quilt a few customer quilts in the past couple of months. I have only recently been ' for hire ' -  had  lot of practice before accepting decent monies, but I am becoming much more confident.

This is a pretty GG flower garden which was outline quilted on the patches with a viney pattern on the border. Bad photo, but the quilting was pretty.

The next belonged to the same lady and was paper pieced.

Here are a couple of close-ups of the feathers - the corners were gorgeous,

as were the sides

I also finished a small selvage project , small because I had run out of cut selvedges and wanted it finished.

I also made a SUIT for my daughter - this is the first clothing I have sewn since 2003. It took me 3 days to make as I had totally forgotten all my expertise in the field.

This shows the detail on the back. Obviously !  She has a dear little Boston Terrier who is a very showy little girl and is well on her way to becoming a champion.  Not sure what has happened , but each  line starts at the centre. I shall shut down and try again soon !

Friday, 9 December 2011

Life is what happens whilst we are busy making other plans........

How true is that ? The last few weeks have been up and down , roundabout and inside out, and now , it's almost Christmas ! It does not promise to be the most perfect this year, but the advent of the New Year gives me reason to expect a hell of a lot better in 2012. Yikes, 2012 - where did 2011 go ?
My daughter has been in a very rough spot recently, but she and her DH are working things out and they seem to be happier than I've seen in a long time. Gee, the pressures of life on young families these days !!!!!! I think my generation was luckier in that a lot less was expected - we started off renting ( with redone, castoff furniture from family ) and saved for new stuff, holidays and houses. Today, these young ones start with 4 bed, 2 bath plus new homes, new furniture and all the latest electronic gadgetry, new cars often, and crippling debt. If there is a slight hiccup, or GFC, the wheels come off. Guess the only thing to help is to be there, so here I be !!!
I also lost my favourite and last Aunt, at 95. My Mother ( 88 ) was with her at the end. She was a woman of great humour, a prodigious memory, and with the best stories of a life well lived. Our families were really close because she and my Mum are sisters, and my Dad and her husband, brothers. They had 4 children 17 months apart, then 17 months later, my brother began the trend. We ended with 7 cousins, each 17 months apart, then 2 more much later in my family. Being doubly related meant for very large family gatherings and riotus laughter - we shall miss that !
On the plus side, I entered a guild show for the first time ever and won 1st prize. This was a great thrill and quite unbelievable ! I was making a hexagon medallion quilt in reproductions to enter, and another In Kaffe Fassett ( mostly) and was able to finish both. The Kaffe won!!!

That photo doesn't look too good, but I promise it does hang straight and square !!!!!! I won fabric, wool batting and vouchers, so it was an absolute thrill.

Here I am with my repro medallion. It did not win an award but I love it ! This one took me 3 months and two weeks to make, the piecing by the English paper piecing method and the quilting by machine. The borders were solid feathers, and it looks fantastic !

Here is my DD, her DH and their son, my GS, on Christmas morning, 2010 - this year, Alex has asked for a brother for Christmas. Sadly, he will be disappointed !

Just saw this favourite shot of my little man at about 18 months and had to share. Isn't that a great shot ?
I have been doing a few customer quilts lately and if I can find the dl cord for my camera, I shall be able to post them. I am becoming very happy with my quilting - now I need a longer arm machine, and a lotto win !
For now, goodnight to all


Saturday, 8 October 2011

I remember when 7 days felt like 7 days

and the small icons were not a problem to read ! I promised myself to post twice weekly and yet 7 days are done and dusted !  I have been stuck on a job I am not enjoying - heavy curtain fabric approx 8'x9', machine quilted around the tulip pattern and yet to be  bound, as a quilt. It is really ugly ( to me ). Lets hope there are not matching curtains, covered headboard, the bedroom chair - the mind boggles !

I did manage to sew through my finger on the quilting frame this week, first time I have ever been so stupid ( and I was ! ), and today stabbed my little finger with the sharpest little scissors I own - Kai brand. They are the best , used correctly, but seeing as this is the third time they have stabbed me to the bone, I shall retire those little sods to the bottom drawer !!!!!!

For bloggy interest, I shall try to upload a couple of photos - so far, they go wherever they want and rearrange the text. Most annoying !
I guess I need a few more blogger classes with my friend, 

husband. He had 6 women at the first class a week ago, and very little hair 3 hours later !!!!Did that link work ? Ok, lets try a photo.
Hmm - same problem, and any text after the shot is a different font, colour and starts in the centre.  I made this quilt over15 years ago and it suited the 4 poster bed we owned for ages. Then , the bed changed, the quilt had the lower corners cut out and did not suit the new style, so off to the cupboard it went.  This was hand pieced and quilted all before I learnt to sew curves and machine quilt and there truly were 24 hours in a day and 7 days felt like 7 days!!!!!!

Until next time