Friday, 9 December 2011

Life is what happens whilst we are busy making other plans........

How true is that ? The last few weeks have been up and down , roundabout and inside out, and now , it's almost Christmas ! It does not promise to be the most perfect this year, but the advent of the New Year gives me reason to expect a hell of a lot better in 2012. Yikes, 2012 - where did 2011 go ?
My daughter has been in a very rough spot recently, but she and her DH are working things out and they seem to be happier than I've seen in a long time. Gee, the pressures of life on young families these days !!!!!! I think my generation was luckier in that a lot less was expected - we started off renting ( with redone, castoff furniture from family ) and saved for new stuff, holidays and houses. Today, these young ones start with 4 bed, 2 bath plus new homes, new furniture and all the latest electronic gadgetry, new cars often, and crippling debt. If there is a slight hiccup, or GFC, the wheels come off. Guess the only thing to help is to be there, so here I be !!!
I also lost my favourite and last Aunt, at 95. My Mother ( 88 ) was with her at the end. She was a woman of great humour, a prodigious memory, and with the best stories of a life well lived. Our families were really close because she and my Mum are sisters, and my Dad and her husband, brothers. They had 4 children 17 months apart, then 17 months later, my brother began the trend. We ended with 7 cousins, each 17 months apart, then 2 more much later in my family. Being doubly related meant for very large family gatherings and riotus laughter - we shall miss that !
On the plus side, I entered a guild show for the first time ever and won 1st prize. This was a great thrill and quite unbelievable ! I was making a hexagon medallion quilt in reproductions to enter, and another In Kaffe Fassett ( mostly) and was able to finish both. The Kaffe won!!!

That photo doesn't look too good, but I promise it does hang straight and square !!!!!! I won fabric, wool batting and vouchers, so it was an absolute thrill.

Here I am with my repro medallion. It did not win an award but I love it ! This one took me 3 months and two weeks to make, the piecing by the English paper piecing method and the quilting by machine. The borders were solid feathers, and it looks fantastic !

Here is my DD, her DH and their son, my GS, on Christmas morning, 2010 - this year, Alex has asked for a brother for Christmas. Sadly, he will be disappointed !

Just saw this favourite shot of my little man at about 18 months and had to share. Isn't that a great shot ?
I have been doing a few customer quilts lately and if I can find the dl cord for my camera, I shall be able to post them. I am becoming very happy with my quilting - now I need a longer arm machine, and a lotto win !
For now, goodnight to all


Saturday, 8 October 2011

I remember when 7 days felt like 7 days

and the small icons were not a problem to read ! I promised myself to post twice weekly and yet 7 days are done and dusted !  I have been stuck on a job I am not enjoying - heavy curtain fabric approx 8'x9', machine quilted around the tulip pattern and yet to be  bound, as a quilt. It is really ugly ( to me ). Lets hope there are not matching curtains, covered headboard, the bedroom chair - the mind boggles !

I did manage to sew through my finger on the quilting frame this week, first time I have ever been so stupid ( and I was ! ), and today stabbed my little finger with the sharpest little scissors I own - Kai brand. They are the best , used correctly, but seeing as this is the third time they have stabbed me to the bone, I shall retire those little sods to the bottom drawer !!!!!!

For bloggy interest, I shall try to upload a couple of photos - so far, they go wherever they want and rearrange the text. Most annoying !
I guess I need a few more blogger classes with my friend, 

husband. He had 6 women at the first class a week ago, and very little hair 3 hours later !!!!Did that link work ? Ok, lets try a photo.
Hmm - same problem, and any text after the shot is a different font, colour and starts in the centre.  I made this quilt over15 years ago and it suited the 4 poster bed we owned for ages. Then , the bed changed, the quilt had the lower corners cut out and did not suit the new style, so off to the cupboard it went.  This was hand pieced and quilted all before I learnt to sew curves and machine quilt and there truly were 24 hours in a day and 7 days felt like 7 days!!!!!!

Until next time



Saturday, 1 October 2011

First attempt to show photos

The Buderim Quilt group asked me to participate in their year long quest to raise funds for breast cancer research by having a show and tell, last week. Once I had searched all the cupboards, I had 43 , some not quite finished and some I had not looked at for 10 - 12 years !
Must say I really enjoyed the evening - like being re-acquainted with old friends !
I even made a pile of the unfinished ones, favourite on top. A few reminders over the next couple of years would be most welcome !!!
So, lets give it a go - ok, not quite where I hoped, but here's a smile to start. This is a baby size, freehand cut and pieced hanging with 3d batik flowers.  I used satin stitching for the appliques and uneven borders for a cute and happy quilt.

Whoops, I think that all my jpgs must be enormous so shall have to do a bit of editing. Gadzooks, what a trial !!!!

Friday, 30 September 2011

A new day

After years of living vicariously through the wonderful blogs of such incredibly talented and sharing quilters, worldwide, it is time for me to take the plunge. 'Rosie' was my Dads' pet name for me, I have been missing hearing that for over 10 years now, and quilting is my game - hence , quilting with Rosie.
I was recently asked to do a show and tell of quilts I had made, and was really stumped to remember what I had made in the last 12 months - hence 2, quilting with rosie
So, please join me in remembering quilts of the past, current and future projects, cute utterings of my only GS, gorgeous photos of my GD Boston Terrier, and various weather patterns which inspire colour and pattern.