Tuesday, 31 January 2012

A belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all in blogland and beyond......

This is meant for the tail end of 2012 which means I am probably the first in the WHOLE WORLD  !!!!!!! (Or, it's a really late greeting from 2011 ). I have been rather busy with some things I did not want to do, but they are now behind us and it's time to play- yay !

Christmas was all about family and, as usual, most enjoyable. Everyone was thoroughly spoilt, my fave gift being a E-reader. I can't believe how easy it is to rack up a huge bill in just a few books, well, 48, so far. I love to read novels, but could not bear it if our quilting mags ever became totally digital. There is nothing like leafing through a stack of magazines and being inspired all over again !

I did manage to quilt a few customer quilts in the past couple of months. I have only recently been ' for hire ' -  had  lot of practice before accepting decent monies, but I am becoming much more confident.

This is a pretty GG flower garden which was outline quilted on the patches with a viney pattern on the border. Bad photo, but the quilting was pretty.

The next belonged to the same lady and was paper pieced.

Here are a couple of close-ups of the feathers - the corners were gorgeous,

as were the sides

I also finished a small selvage project , small because I had run out of cut selvedges and wanted it finished.

I also made a SUIT for my daughter - this is the first clothing I have sewn since 2003. It took me 3 days to make as I had totally forgotten all my expertise in the field.

This shows the detail on the back. Obviously !  She has a dear little Boston Terrier who is a very showy little girl and is well on her way to becoming a champion.  Not sure what has happened , but each  line starts at the centre. I shall shut down and try again soon !

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