Tuesday, 31 January 2012

A second try

We have been inundated with lots of rain in the past weeks and some murderously hot days in between. The almost 100% humidity is the worst, but look at these shots from outside http://www.kimzsewing.com/ last week.

Cars parked at the front had to be moved quickly as the level rose - rather exciting !

This was Kims present and a class scheduled for February. Isn't he the cutest !!!!


Dang, back to the middle again ! This was a customers Sunbonnet Sue . I really need to take before and after shots to remind myself  how beautifully quilting finishes a quilt.


Had agreat day at Kimz recently where about 10 women did the jelly roll race - no racing, and we mostly completed the tops in under 3 hours. Just have to pop over to Kimz blog to grab the photos of my top - the above was my bali pop in Cappuccino  

Here  is the top - tomorrow, I shall post the finished quilt. I added lots of kangaroos and quilting and was very pleased with the result. Of, course, I forgot the photo !

Stay safe, one and all!

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