Sunday, 15 April 2012

Found that pesky file

Hereis an OLD embroidered quilt with fascinating lion fish

This was sewn about 10 years ago and I still drag it out for a class here and there ! While on the embroidered theme, here is one for my GS at 3 years old, when he adored dinosaurs

and another from his 7th bday - no scary stuff now!

Now that he is 8+, he would like a surfie quilt. I have fabric with VW's all over and no clue as to what to make !!!
The following 2 shots were on the same stick - just love the fact that he sometimes likes to help , and even cleans up the extra mess. You have to know that he needed dry pj's after this !Here's the proof !

Of course, this was a year ago, and my little one has grown past these activities!!!

I have had a very productive couple of days this past week and shall post the pics later in the week.
Meanwhile, stay happy

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