Saturday, 14 April 2012

Time for a break -

Truly, I have been so busy for the past months that I have not even taken the time to check other blogs, let alone add to mine!  I began this as a sort of diary to keep track of my doings, but there are so many of these that I dropped the ball - now, I can't remember what I have done beyond the past week !  I have done quite a lot of quilting on my domestic machine and made quite a few samples for my friend , Kims shop and have kept up ( almost ) with the lovely red and white quilt put together by Just Takes Two.
My apologies, ladies, I need to learn how to grab your button and place it where I want it to go - any button I have tried lands right over text or photos and will not be moved !!!
I have become involved with a number of projects which I am enjoying thoroughly. My friend, Tracy Sims of 

asked me to help with machine embroidered projects using designs from artwork by Tracey , digitised by Zundt
These are stunning designs, 3 sets so far with a book of projects for each.  I did a bit of the quilting in the first book, and my first projects will appear in number 3.

This is half of the centre of the tablecloth, sewn on a very fine linen and very elegant. There are matching napkins to complete the set. Tomorrow is my day to embroider 3 cushions and get creative - YIKES

Its" been a long while since I have done any embroidery of note so this will be a lot of fun. Here is one of my old favourites from long ago featuring the elegant but deadly Lion fish. Hmm, lousy shot  and I can't seem to locate the original file. Shall try tomorrow -----

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